Leadership and Communication

I have been fortunate throughout my life to have many caring leaders provide invaluable guidance. I have also had a handful of terrible managers. Both groups have been integral in developing me into the person I am today. Below are a collection of exceptional resources I have used in my leadership journey.

Violet and Peter Dhu (Corporate Communication Experts) taught me how to be a good public speaker. AYA Leadership taught me about subconscious bias and the importance of values. Leah (Sertori Consulting) taught me about courageous and transparent leadership. Dr. Haydon Mort (Geologize) taught me about Geocommunication. WOMEESA taught me that you need a village, we are strongest when we are connected.

STEAM Teaching

I’ve taught at Primary and Secondary Schools across VIC, SA and NSW as a student teacher/volunteer. Creating lessons and curriculum involve a lot of research and the links below are the best of the best.


A side-effect of COVID-19, the online presence of Geoscience has EXPLODED over the last couple of years. This is fantastic as it has helped to connect Geoscientists around the world, strengthening our community and our science as we share our experiences and observations at a global-scale.

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